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Investigating Place Value

Posted by on November 5, 2017

What a week we had last week!  We used straws to represent the number system and to look at the relationships between the digits.  We made bundles of ten, a hundred and a thousand and were very surprised by how puny ten seems and how many straws one thousand actually is.  One thousand straws is an entire armful.

In a following lesson, we explored the size of tenths and hundredths and why these names were used.  Making proper tenths caused some frustration- they have to be equal sizes you know. And as for hundredths…

Lots of fun and loads of learning for all. A great week’s work year 6. Keep it going!


One Response to Investigating Place Value

  1. Cirran

    I loved this bit of work that we did it was amazing i really hope we can do more things like this one.

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