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Maths key skills

Posted by on November 5, 2017

A bit of a challenge for you this week.


All the Digits

You need to use all the digits from 1 to 9.

12 + 34 + 56 – 78 – 9 = 15

12 + 345 – 67 – 89 = 201

Keeping the digits 1 to nine in order, what numbers can you make?

How will you make exactly 100? Is there only one way to make 100?


Please make sure you spend half an hour on this homework. Show me the incorrect ideas as well as the correct ones.  When you are considering what to do next, why not write those ideas down so I can see your thinking?

Good luck and have fun!


One Response to Maths key skills

  1. Natalia

    This piece of key skills was really fun but hard it took me a hour to find one way but it took perseverance to find it. Did you find the way? Is there any more?

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