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Key skills-Grammar and Maths 12-1-18

Posted by on January 12, 2018


Literacy-Grammar. Apostrophes

1.       Create a revision card for yourself that tells you when apostrophes are used and how. Remember to give yourself instructions on how to position them correctly.

2.     Complete the sheet attached by re writing the sentences in your books. Remember ALL your punctuation.

3.     Practice spellings from the common exception (Y5 and 6) spelling list.


Don’t forget, a key skills club will run on Tuesday lunchtimes for those who prefer to complete their work at school.



Maths- Fractions

This week you have three tasks involving finding fractions of numbers and shapes in preparation for our work next week.


1.       Play FractionTop Trumps with someone at home.

2.     Have a go at the SAT style questions that ask you to find fractions of shapes and numbers.

3.     Record the strategy you used for finding fractions of amount in your key skills books.

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