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Key Skills 19th Jan

Posted by on January 21, 2018

Key Skills 19.1.18

Literacy-Grammar. Adverbs and adjectives

Write a set of instructions that tell me how you identify which word is an adjective and which word is an adverb.

1. Complete the SAT style questions on the sheet, annotating your thinking at the side if this helps you.

2. Write a brief summary explaining which questions were hardest or caused confusion and why this was.

3. Practice spellings from the common exception (Y5 and 6) spelling list.

Key Skills 19.1.18 Maths- Fractions

This week we have looked at addition and subtraction of fractions with the same and different denominators. You have chosen a sheet to practice these skills.

After you have completed this task, please have a look in your revision books and read the sections on fractions. You could even get ahead of the game and read the page about multiplying and dividing fractions, which we will be doing next week.

Don’t forget, a key skills club will run on Tuesday lunchtimes for those who prefer to complete their work at school.

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