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Key skills for this weekend: Friday 2 February, 2018

Posted by on February 3, 2018

A chance to be creative this weekend. I would like you to design a poster, a pair of revision cards or a game to help the year 5s develop their understanding of conjunctions. You will need to do your own research first and make sure you know all the facts yourself. You will need to include both subordinating and coordinating conjunctions. You will need to teach the children what these terms mean, which words match to which term and how they are used. Have fun but make sure you learn this work too.

Don’t forget, a key skills club will run on Tuesday lunchtimes for those who prefer to complete their work at school.


On Monday we looked at how to approach reasoning problems. We decided the key to solving the factor puzzles was identifying what we already knew and thinking carefully about where to start.


This week, you have a choice of puzzles to solve where you need to use reasoning as well as your number knowledge.   Please explain how you worked as well as finding the answer.


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  1. Adam, Jacob and Iulian

    Last Friday, on the 29th of June, we went to a place called the Gurdwara where Sikhs pray, celebrate and respect their losses. When we went inside, we had to take our shoes off, as a rule, and cover our heads with a hat or a head scarf, as a sign of respect. After that, we went downstairs, into a room like a museum with lots of Sikh artefacts. We talked about why the Gurdwara is special to all Sikhs. Next, we went upstairs to sit down and listen to what Mr Singh read from a special book called Guru Granth Sahib. Mr Singh let us have a look around the room in which the Guru Granth Sahib rested. We headed back to put our shoes on. After a while, we headed to the Langer Hall (the dining hall)

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