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The Guru Granth Sahib

Posted by on June 14, 2018

This afternoon, we will be finding out about the Sikh gurus, including the Guru Granth Sahib.

The links below will help you with this work.



8 Responses to The Guru Granth Sahib

  1. Madison and Lucy

    In the morning, we got onto the mini bus, we were really excited to go to the Gurdwara. When we arrived, we had to cover our heads and take off our shoes to be respectful. we went down to the museum to look at the art-work and interesting objects. The we went upstairs, to the room Guru Granth Sahib (the book) lies in. We listened to the man (Mr. Singh) read a few pages from the book. It made us feel holy, homely and calm. Then we went back to the museum and had some chocolate biscuits. After the. we explored the Langar hall- where Sikhs prepare food for anyone that visits including: Homeless, Poor, rich, white, black and different religions. The we went back to school. My favourite part is when Mr Singh told us about the five Ks and how long all his hair was including his beard and hair. He also showed us his little sword (Kirpan). Also when he was reading the book people were giving donations in a little metal box and praying.

  2. Natalia and Issy

    Last Friday (28-6-18) we visited the Gurdwara, there were many things to admire. Mr Singh ( our tour guide )took us to the holy book and read/sang a piece of the script; it was very peaceful to just listen. After that, we returned to our little hide and looked at the artefacts which was our favourite part.

  3. DavidAndreas

    Our favourite part was seeing the Guru Granth Sahib. It was a really nice experience to see it;I was surprised how big it was. Also it was very calm inside: the people were praying and singing. Mr Singh sang a few songs that no-one but Cirran could understand. As well as that it was a really nice time.

  4. Chloe Millie and Ellie

    On the 29th of June we went to the Gudwara. We had really good fun. As soon as we walked in, we had to go down stairs to take our shoes off as we have to pay respect. They work on equality between men and women. On our journey we went in a mini bus and had to give a donation to them as they give people food no matter if they are Sikh or not. The sikhs are so respectful that they cover their head for because it is a gift from god. Sadly there were people who had came for a funeral so we had to be quiet and walk down to the museum and we learnt so many new facts we have never known. The person(who showed us round) had the last name called Singh, which all the other men had as their last name and the girls last name end in Kaur.

  5. Casey & Cirran

    On Friday morning, Churchill class visited the Gudwara (a Sikh Temple). Our favourite part of the experience was when we ventured upstairs to be in the presence of the Guru Granth Sahib. We enjoyed it as the encountering opportunity was : calm, relaxing and peaceful. It was different to when we are in the class because no-one talked but Mr Singh. Crossed legged, we all paid our respects to the Sikhs coming in and out of the room. Overall the experienced was amazing. Would we recommend going there? Of course we would! The time was enjoyed by all.

  6. Jamie & Matthew

    On Friday 29th of July Churchill class took 2 minibuses to the north side of town. We went to a Gurdwara. At 9:15 we got on the mini bus and made our way to town, we arrived at 9:30 and Mr Singh greeted us welcoming us into the gurdwara and told us to put our hats and scarfs on our heads for a sign of respect. He took us downstairs to the museum where they keep all of their Sikh tools. After that we went and listened to Mr Singh read the Guru Granth Sahib quickly because a family were coming up due to a tragic accident. Later on, we went and looked at all the tools thoroughly and ate chocolate biscuits because at the Gurdwara people all get free food.

  7. Tudor and Oliver

    We went to the Gurdwara on Friday 29th June. In this paragraph we will tell you some of our highlights of the trip. One of our favourite bits were when we saw the Guru Granth-Sahib and we got to hear some of the book too. We also enjoyed seeing the underground place which contained some information about ancient Sikhs from long ago and some mini sculptures of stuff like the Golden Temple. On top of that, we got some chocolate biscuits which was by far our favourite bit. Hope you enjoyed a few of our highlights of our trip.

  8. Austen

    Last Friday we went to a gurdwara,a place of worship for Sikhs. Our favourite part of the Gurdwara trip was : visiting the Guru Grant Sahib. I liked when the people prayed to the living guru, which is their holy book. I liked that the people that came to pray to the book were very respectful by not pointing their toes at the book and taking their socks and shoes off.

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