Saints, Key Skills and Transition Day

We had a wonderful day at the Saints on Friday taking part in a stadium tour, an atomic science session, rugby skills and producing an origami sport’s kit.

You should have taken home an origami shirt and shorts that you made and now need to design a shirt for your Key Skills. The winning designer will receive a Saints themed prize…

The judges will be looking for three main things:
– Originality & creativity,
– Care & precision,
– Effort.

Don’t forget that you’re at your new school on Monday; have a wonderful day and make the most of the opportunity to find your way around, meet new people and leave a good impression on your new teachers.

See you back at S de S on Tuesday.
Mrs de B and Mrs G

Origami and Tangrams

Key Skills 23-6-17

 This week we have looked at instructional writing as part of our work on Sadako. We would like you to teach someone how to create an origami paper crane and report the results back to us record how you found it below this blog post.

 Things to comment on could be:

  • How did you try to teach them?
  • Did you adapt your teaching at all?
  • What helped them learn?

The video we used is here if you need a reminder yourself:


Find out what tangrams are and how they work before starting our work on shape next week.

There is an opportunity to practice here some tangram puzzles here:

Have fun!

Mrs Greener and Mrs de Board

Brilliant Year Six Talent Show Auditions

This afternoon many members auditioned for the school’s talent show later on this year… We had some fantastic talent on show and we were really impressed by all of the acts.

Acts from each year group will go through to then be whittled down to ten to compete in the final. Tomorrow, at 9am, the children shall find out who is through to the next stage ahead of the grand final.

Lots of you have put a great deal of effort into your auditions and perfecting your talents over the years – this was very evident today.

Best of luck to all of those who auditioned; here are some pictures of those who auditioned:

Key Skills 16th June

Key Skills 16-6-17

This week you all received emergency first aid training and now know how to help someone in need.

Choose one of the scenarios you discussed in the session and write a ‘how to help’ guide for others to follow. This could be a list of instructions, a poster or you could work on onenote and share your work with us.

Eg: Burns
1. Immediately hold the affected area under a cold tap for at least ten minutes to reduce the pain.
2. Wrap the burn in cling film after the burn has called.
3. Seek medical advice if the burn is serious.


More reasoning games

On the topmarks problem solving page: scroll down to the bottom and work through the 3 levels of powerlines. You must complete level 1 and get the password before moving on.

Use what you know- number bonds and reasoning about numbers- to solve each puzzle.

Good luck!
Mrs de B and Mrs G

Key Skills

Online Safety
We have spoken a lot about e-safety (which we now call online safety) this week!

On the back of this, we want you to bring together all of your learning and create a quick guide for a reader.

Therefore, we want you to write your ten ‘top tips’ for a reader. If you cannot think of ten tips to provide to a reader, you can use the websites that you researched over half term and you could also have a conversation about it at home.

The easiest way to present this would be in a numbered system 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) etc.

However, you can choose how to do it!

Maths – Zids and Zods sheet
As part of our work on problem solving and working systematically, have a go at this spotty problem.
How can you use your existing mathematical knowledge to solve the problem?
How can you work systematically to ensure you have every answer?

Zids have 4 spots.
Zods have 9 spots.
Altogether some Zids and Zods have 48 spots.
How many Zids are there?
How many Zods?

What if Zids have 5 spots.Zods have 7 spots, and there are 140 spots altogether?
Find as many solutions as you can.

Happy Half Term Holiday

At last half-term is upon us and we can all enjoy a well-earned week relaxing.  We have crammed so much into these six weeks and it is hard to believe there is just one more term left at primary school.  Lots more fun to pack into those seven weeks though!

Your key skills to be returned on Wednesday 7th June are:

  1.  At the moment, we are writing a lot in English and it is fabulous! Some of the writing outcomes have been extremely good.   To keep this momentum going as we have half-term, we have designed an open-ended writing task for you to complete.

We want you to choose what you write, how you write and who your audience would be. It must include:

  • Five paragraphs or more,
  • A range of great sentence openers,
  • A range of punctuation use,
  • And, it must be interesting!

If you cannot think of any ideas, here are some:

  • A short story,
  • A letter to a local councillor around an issue in your local area,
  • A thank you letter to a friend,
  • A newspaper report on something that either you have been to, seen or something from your imagination!
  • Diary entry around something interesting from your week off,
  • Something related to your book that you are currently reading,
  • The possibilities are endless!

We look forward to reading it!

After half-term it will be esafety week at Simon de Senlis and each of you has received a sheet of tasks to complete with a parent or guardian.  Return the list to receive your certificate.

Happy holidays everyone.

Mrs Greener and Mrs de Board