Key Skills

Don’t forget that you should be completing the sections on the revision timetable every week.  You also need to ‘triangle’ the column next to the activity so that Mrs Greener can check your understanding when you bring the sheet in on a Wednesday.  If you need to go over a theme with an adult, just ask!

There is also the daily revision session in the Sandpit with Mrs Fennelly if you want to complete tasks at school.

Mrs de B

Key Skills

Hi All

Just a reminder that all of the key skills from now on is using the revision books.  The coloured timetable we gave you directs you to which tasks to do when, and you need to bring the books in every Wednesday to go over the work.

Another copy of the timetable is attached here.Homework Revision Timetable

Have a wonderful half term.

Mrs Greener and Mrs de Board

Key Skills

the-tempestA fabulous day learning about the Tempest!

– What did you recognise in the play from the learning that we had done in the class?
– What did you enjoy about the play?
– Did seeing the play benefit your understanding of the story?
– What questions have you now got about the Tempest?

Those of you who didn’t make the play, how was your day? What did you learn? What are your next steps?

As always, don’t forget practise your times tables!

Have a good weekend – a great first two days back!

Christmas Holiday Key Skills

Hi All.

We hope you’ve had a great Christmas and are looking forward to a few more days off before we return to school in 2017.  Thank you so much for our lovely gifts and cards.

Just a quick reminder of the whole school Shakespeare project that we will be starting next week…

Whole school Shakespeare Key Skills

As you know we will be having a whole school theme based on William Shakespeare’s The Tempest beginning on January 5th.  In preparation for this we are asking that all children in the school take some time over the Christmas holiday to complete key skills titled;  ‘Who was William Shakespeare?’ You may want to find out where Shakespeare lived, information about some of his famous plays, learn a quote, investigate what life was like when he was alive etc. This is open and up to you and your child. How this is produced is also open. You could; make a poster, create a powerpoint, write a biography, retell a play, take photographs etc.  The home learning needs to be brought back to school on January 5th and it will be shared with your child’s class.

Your math’s tasks are all on mangahigh and mymaths if you are in Churchill; Mr Prosser set separate activities for you to complete if you work in the Learning Pit.

Email Mrs Greener or myself if you need help with any of the tasks.

See you next Thursday in Shakespearean costumes!  If you’re stuck for ideas, Shakespeare included many monsters and fairy like magical creatures in his plays so let your imagination go wild!

Mrs de B

Key Skills 18th November

English– carry on with your presentation about ‘your element’.  Two weeks to go; I’d better start mine!


Mr Prosser’s group- short and long multiplication practice, there are 15 questions on your sheet and Mr P has asked that you do at least 10.  An extra challenge on the bottom of the page also needs completing, please.

Mrs Greener/ Mrs de Board’s group- you have specific multiplication and division tasks to complete on mathletics please.

Have a good weekend

Mrs de Bmathletics

Key Skills 11/11/16

Key Skills 11th November 2016

English- your project for the next three weeks is to prepare for a mini-presentation about yourself.

 We would like to know about an interest or talent that you have. It might be speaking a different language, going to karate, your artwork or writing computer programmes. 

Whatever your element is, we want to hear about it!

 Each member of the class will have five minutes to present their information the week beginning 5th December so make sure you’re ready!

Maths- We are having a big push on fluent recall of x tables’ facts.   Please complete the sheet you chose and spend 10 minutes a day practising the facts you need to learn.

 Can you come up with any tricks to help us all to improve our recall?

My favourite is:

I ate and I ate until I was sick on the floor.

   Eight times eight is sixty four

       8         x     8     =       64

Mr Prosser’s group had a halving and doubling activity this week.

We Will Remember Them


Mrs Greener and I are often proud of our class; when they work together well, the friendships they have, mastering a tough concept in maths or working hard at home on their key skills.  Today was one of those goose bump inducing moments of pride as I watched Year 6 present their remembrance assembly to an audience of around 400 people.  From the breath taking dance to the quality of the poems, from the confidence in performing to the detailed artwork on display.  You made me proud to work with you.

Have a great weekend.

Mrs de B