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    Christmas evolves around Jesus’s birth . The date for Christmas is 25th of December

  2. j.m

    On 1st of December we went to the Sikhism worship place we all had to cover our heads. To be respectful. and they kindly gave us food because they like to serve people like the homeless people food and gifts so they survive and they will give very sweet stuff and they will give out drinks and nice gifts but when we went we got cookies and crisps and and a Indian sweet. Not a lot of the class ate it but I did, it was very nice. After we had to go upto the prayer hall and we all had to sit down with our legs crossed if we put our legs out to the temple they would ask you not to.

  3. T.T

    On the 1st of December 2014 year 6 went to the Gurdwara. We all had to cover are heads to be respectful. When we got there we sat down at one of the men gave out plates and cups then gave out biscuit’s and some crisps and gave us some thing what was really really sugary. We ate the food then we had to take are shoes of and go to the prayer hall the man who gave out the sugary sweet said a pray then we walked round the room and looked at the book and when you go into the prayer hall you have to Baw down to there big book then we had to go because ther was no time and we had to be back at school by 12:00

  4. J.M

    Abducted ipad

    On Monday the 5th of January 2015, the ipad belonging to Mrs Rosevear disappeared.
    This was a mystery as Mrs Rosevear had it on Monday morning.

    It has been suggested that the missing ipad could be linked to the unusual sight of a mysterious object of an alien spaceship on the playground.

    During maths we heard a large loud WOOSHING noise coming from the playground, so we all got off our chairs and rushed to the window to see what was outside.

    To our surprise it was an alien spaceship. We were not scared but excited. When we came away from the window, Mrs Rosevear said her ipad was missing.

    Was it a child or was it an alien? Further investigations are under way…

  5. J.M

    key skills 23/10/15

    Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens.
    Oliver Twist is about a young boy who did not have any family, not even a mum or dad. He was an orphan and was living on the streets begging for food.
    One day as he was walking the streets of London, he met up with another orphan little boy who went by the name of the Artful Dodger.
    The Artful Dodger lived in the back streets of London with a robber and a thief whose name was Fagan.
    Fagan sent all the children in his care out to work everyday by stealing and pick pocketing wallets and jewellery from the wealthy people of London.
    One day Oliver was caught trying to pick pocket a gentleman and was chased and arrested by the police.
    Luckily for Oliver, his face was recognised by a rich wealthy man who thought he may have been his grandchild.
    This wealthy man decided he wanted to give Oliver a better life and took him in to live with him and his family.
    Oliver was very happy as for the first time in his life he was loved and was given brand new clothes and toys.

  6. jack.s


    Would you like it if you had a friend [Stevie] who’s very enthusiastic about the business environment and completely no sense of humour at all unless you speak about something a 2 year-old would think is entirely lame ? And a mum [ Penny ]who is always disapionted and ashamed of you 247 ? In the first chapter Miranda talks about her life and about her mariage expectations and who she wants to marry . Her first man on the list was Gary.Gary Preston is handsome , funny and respectful . Miranda allways blushes when she spots gary . The reason is hence a time of lovely kareoke and when Miranda lifted her small companion . Her trousers fell down . Since Miranda is in her 40s and is still not married her mum wants her to marry her cousin harvey since he is allways available !
    The ‘gorgeuss Miranda also has a addiction of fruit people named…. fruit friends .
    at the end of the book there is a picture of Miranda in a wedding dress of a size ‘ tenty .’
    She agreed to go to the wedding shop since her friend was getting married the next day .
    all of sudden, Penny galloped passed and fainted in shock
    of Miranda in a wedding dress . Everyone was shocked .

    What would you do if you were Miranda ?

    I would rate this book 9/10 because they could use a better plot instead of just comedy but still it was a great book .

  7. Jack.s


    In good/high spirits
    light hearted
    over the moon
    good humoured
    on top of the world



    dead -beat
    worn out
    dead on one’s feet

  8. Daley-Adil-Rhys

    When we went to the Gurdwara we were told to take our shoes off. Then we went downstairs to a room where we saw a mini version of the golden temple. The man, who was telling us everything about the Gurdwara, his beard and hair were all the way down to his knees but when he did his hair and beard it was to the middle of his stomach.

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